Closing Agency Atlantic

This is a blog I found in my Blog folder that I was never going to post. I wrote it when I was having a particularly tough week but it’s pretty darn accurate about the reasons why I am closing Agency Atlantic Escort Agency. Now I have set a closingRead More →

2017 was not the kindest year

2017. What a year you were. I am so happy you are over but you taught me so much and I am starting 2018 in a very different mindset than I started 2017 February 2017 we returned to Sydney, I was sad to be leaving our happy life in AsiaRead More →

Escort Industry Stigma

Escort Industry Stigma On twitter you often see someone complaining about escort stigma One standout tweet for me was from a blurred face girl charging $600 per hour complaining how hard it is being a stigmatised sexworker Stigma doesn’t affect just sex workers, it affects many people in society forRead More →

Be Kind - Sarah's 2 cents blog

Please Be Kind As much as I love my job, sometimes I struggle to get out of bed; I want to hide from the world; I want to close the business that I am proud of and I have worked on every day for 15 years. My job isn’t aboutRead More →

Forced To Choose… Yesterday I said goodbye to a girl I am quite fond of; it hurt and it made me sad I did not want to do this but I had no choice due to strong arm tactics by an Australian advertising site.  They laid down the law &Read More →