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How do Escort Clients Search for Escorts?

What are Escort clients looking for? How are Escort clients looking? What makes an Escort client click a link in google? What makes them leave your website before your website loads? These days its hard to get noticed as there is just so many escorts available.  Your online strategy and EscortRead More →

Free Escort Ads

Where can I find free Escort Ads?  Why are escort ads so damn expensive?  How can I be found on the internet in the sea of so many sites and so many escorts? Why does everyone keep mentioning SEO? These are common questions being asked a lot over the past fewRead More →

Timewasters are annoying no matter who they are!

Timewasters Timewaster is the phrase used regularly in the Escort Industry.  A ‘waster of your time’; someone who makes contact yet has little or no interest in paying the fee that your charge for your time Generally timewasters are the name we give dudes posing as prospective clients.  They ask forRead More →

Escort Rates

“Your Escort Rates should be higher” On every single tour one of our ladies will hear this at least once but often several times Gents who say this mean it as a compliment but this unsolicited business advice can cause issues so why not rather than give advice give theRead More →