Escort Advertising Sites

Free Escort Ads

Where can I find free Escort Ads?  Why are escort ads so damn expensive?  How can I be found on the internet in the sea of so many sites and so many escorts? Why does everyone keep mentioning SEO? These are common questions being asked a lot over the past fewRead More →

What does an Escort Advertising Site do?

As I have been writing quite a bit on Escort Ad sites I have been receiving emails and messages with questions like: Where is best to advertise? Which site has the best clients? As I do a lot of International Tours I am also asked Which city is the busiestRead More →

Backpage Replacement Websites

Finally the daily SMS & WhatsApp spam has slowed down from all the sites saying they are the backpage replacement. On social media and forums it still continues with many sites promoting that they are the new Backpage or someone asking about site XYZ (which looks like Backpage) I amRead More →

SEO Rankings for Escort Sydney

Google Position for Sydney Escort Since the closure of Backpage and other escort advertising sites we have all been scratching our heads to know which sites are the ones we should sign up for as there is so many options and you can easily spend thousands of dollars a monthRead More →

New Escort Directories

New Escort directories are popping up everywhere! This blog isn’t to slander new escort directories but to share information that is factual rather than promotional. It is not directed at anyone in particular just new escort directories in general With the closure of backpage early April there has been soRead More →

Escort Advertising after backpage

In the past 24hrs many escort advertising sites have disappeared. Since this article was posted i have written many more on Escort Advertising and also created my own asia site a free site for escort touring South East Asia Its been very stressful for us all but it’s notRead More →