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Australian Escort Marketing On Twitter yesterday a UK based escort posted an email she had received from a Sydney based private offering escort tours to Australia. Australian Escort Marketing is a bit of a mess and a lot of smoke and mirrors There was mention of it being an agency,Read More →

Forced To Choose… Yesterday I said goodbye to a girl I am quite fond of; it hurt and it made me sad I did not want to do this but I had no choice due to strong arm tactics by an Australian advertising site.  They laid down the law &Read More →

Escort Gossip seems to be never ending

We are all bombarded daily with information.  In the escort industry, we are bombarded regularly with Escort Gossip 🙁 With escort business details being available publicly, anyone with internet access or a phone can make contact directly Whether it’s via social media, forums, chatrooms, emails, phone calls or over aRead More →