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In the past couple of years, there has been a massive increase in escorts promoting as ‘International Escorts’ especially Escorts from Australia touring South East Asia when an Australian advertising website added free touring ads to their advertising platform

I often see 20+ Australian escorts in a month promoting tours to Singapore and Hong Kong using little more than 1 escort directory profile & Twitter.

I started arranging managing Escort Tours in 2002 and from 2004 Atlantic would do 6-8 SE. Asia Escort Tours per year, 1 a month to Dubai, NYC & Europe. In 2013, when I moved to Australia, we did a lot more Asia Tours, at least 1 a month (rarely more) but we have enough regular clients to support this and ensure our Escorts went home with a healthy profit.

Nobody expects to tour for 2 weeks to go home with $0, even it can and does happen. Flights, Hotels, Food, Taxis all add up + with Atlantic Escorts there was a 30% fee to the Agency. For our ladies tho, we have a big regular client base who are pretty loyal + we cover the costs of all the marketing, phones etc which can be quite a large additional expense for Independent Escorts

Until 2016 there was pretty much just Agency Atlantic and Kingley and the occasional independent who wanted to holiday in Asia. It was brilliant back then, it was profitable for the escorts & worthwhile for us to manage tours as they made a profit, Nobody ever got arrested, it was discreet and clients were polite gentleman whereas now things are very different. Timewaster after timewaster on WhatsApp wanting discounts and sexual services demands (sorry I am not confirming sexual services as this can help with an arrest warrant!)

So many escorts are booked out according to their tweets?

Not sure how when so many high profile girls I know are happy to make a profit…

It all looks so glamorous!  On twitter you see photos showing off how amazing the International Escort life is.

International Escort Tours can be fantastic, but the streets are not paved with gold and there is no way to know if you will earn or if your tour will bomb

Twitter is purely marketing! 

If you are considering touring overseas; the first thing you want to be aware of, Twitter is marketing!  You can never be sure what is posted is fact or fiction

I know one ‘international escort’ who regularly posts photos of her expensive worldwide travel bookings. The photos she collects from other people’s Instagram and posts from her Apartment in Australia!  LOL   It’s marketing she tells me!  I think its’ dishonest BS but I prefer honesty

Rarely do you see on twitter ‘My tour is dead!!! OMG! I can’t afford to pay my hotel’ but trust me it happens!  

I regularly have escorts contact me to ask for help while they are on tour.  A lot of what is posted on Twitter is definitely fiction

I find it a bit funny when I see new, unknown, unreviewed escorts posting ‘my tour is fully booked now so I won’t be taking any new clients’.  As someone who has organised over 1000 tours I am pretty sure it’s safe to assume this is because the lady isn’t going as she has had no interest and she can’t afford to travel without deposits or potential earnings

Scarlet Blue touring ads are free to post and I hear from clients that many of the tours listed never eventuate.  I know ladies who cancel due to zero pre-bookings or they post up tours to see if there is interest in them touring. Clients I have known for years tell me they have booked ladies off SB who never actually ended up touring and in a few cases deposits were not returned either

Atlantic was the First International Escort Tour Agency

I have almost 2 decades of experience arranging tours to Asia. I have also managed, coached and mentored many International Independent Escort Tours

My tips on International Escort Tours

If you can’t afford a holiday, don’t tour internationally

Touring can be a bit of a gamble, it’s expensive and things can and do go wrong. I know ladies who have been rejected from airports & sent back to where they came from. I also know ladies who have been kicked out of their hotels & had to book a new hotel. 2 hotels for 1 week is costly as is losing your entire tour due to an airport issue

There is no magic recipe for success

There is no rhyme or reason behind a tour not being profitable.  It is the same as working at home. Sometimes you have a quiet week.  There is no way to predict if a week is going to be insanely busy or dead quiet. The one thing I have learnt in my many years of international touring is that none of this business is rational or fits any pattern.  Even if you are taking deposits, there is a possibility that every client you book falls sick in the same week or they are all called away on business.  You can have a dud tour, no matter how it looks before you arrive

Have the holiday mind-set

When you tour go with the mindset of ‘this is an amazing experience’ you will enjoy your time away.  If you are touring because you think you will make a fortune, you may be disappointed and miss making some great memories

Your profit margin can swing wildly from one tour to the next

Even if you are established in a city there is no guarantee that your regulars will see you on each & every tour

If you are on a tourist visa, act like a tourist

You may be asked questions at the airport so make sure you have researched so you can answer as a tourist.  It will look suss to immigration if you know nothing about the place you are visiting

Be Quiet

Stay out of drama. Drama is the last thing you need when you are touring or if you want to tour in the future, don’t get involved.  You never know who someone is or who they know or if they will f*ck you over

Be nice to everyone always

In hotels be discreet, tip the housekeeping staff and don’t act like a diva.  Be humble and polite. Don’t open your laptop in the lobby or answer client calls in front of staff.  Hotels will ask you to leave if they think you are taking incalls.
Incalls are seen as a security risk for the hotel and other hotel patrons

Keep your costs down

Book in advance, as early as possible. Get your duty free allowance on your way as in some cities alcohol is expensive.  Stock up in the supermarket to keep your room service bills to a minimum

Buy your supplies at your destination

If your bag is opened at the airport you don’t want to have a bag full of toys, condoms & latex outfits
Keep your toys to a minimum and if you need more you can buy them at your destination.  Same goes for condoms etc


Uber & Taxi’s can seriously eat into your profit margins, catch the train from the airport (it’s often faster & will be a lot cheaper). For outcalls charge the cost to the client


If you are touring regularly use the same airline so you can gain frequent flyer status and use points and airline deals to lower your costs.  Cheap airlines like Airasia or Scoot are helpful when you start out, sure they are not as comfortable as premium airlines but if i you want to come home with profit, that extra $500 on a flight can make all the difference


Rewards programs are great, a free night here and there lowers your costs and helps your profit. No hotels are escort friendly so rather than book into where you hear other ladies are staying, research hotels and find the best deals.
By reading tripadvisor reviews you can find out which hotels have secured lifts or which have huge discreet lobbies. It’s better to be discreet and undetected than be staying in the same hotel as 25 other escorts
The hotels that are frequented by all the touring escorts do occasionally have police raids so you don’t really want to be there if that happens

As the saying goes – Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst
  • Use google, learn the laws of the country you are visiting, read the news articles linked on google.
  • If you are prepared for the worst and something crap happens you’ll have a plan to fix the shit situation
  • You cannot work in a country legally unless you have a work visa.
  • Most international touring escorts are on a holiday visa and therefore, breaking the law even if escorting is decriminalised in that particular country.
  • If you find yourself in hot water, you need to be prepared and also have money ready for a lawyer.Many countries will simply deport you, others you may be looking at an arrest and a court date.
  • If you need to appear in court, it could be weeks or months away and you will need to have living expenses to cover your stay
Touring can be lonely

Touring can be very lonely, even if you are busy with clients all the time.  In your down time make sure you enjoy the city you are in so you have fond memories of a place rather than just seeing the inside of your hotel room

Be organised

Missing a flight or booking the wrong hotel dates can mean you mess a new client around due to a change in dates or timing.  Clients hate being messed around so check & double check your reservations.
Early morning flights are great but if you sleep in, it can be a nightmare and be the difference between a profitable tour or one where you make a loss
The best regular may choose to not see you in the future if you mess him around with your tour dates or ask to change his time when you are on tour.
Clients are generally busy people with work and family commitments. Mess him around and he may go to someone else who is better organised

Have your policies and stick to them

If you aren’t making money it’s very easy to take some risks but I know from experience, it’s not worth it. If you require ID or references or a deposit, stick to your guns. You know what makes you feel safe and secure and if the client won’t respect your requests you don’t want him as a client anyway.
Timewasters and dodgy dudes never care about your policies, legit and decent clients will understand you need to feel safe

Do not expect anyone to help you

It’s a horrible thing to say but it’s a good mindset to have.  Sure some people may help you if something bad happens but others will revel in your bad times.  You may have offers to help but they may have strings attached

A note regarding reference checks

  • If you wish to ask for references, first have the client check with the referee that is OK for them to be used as a reference.
  • Bear in mind that all not escorts or agencies wish to provide references which is their own personal choice to do so.
  • Discretion is important and some people may will be annoyed about being their meetings being discussed with others.
  • Your may encounter hostility or simply be ignored.
  • By the client first checking first with the provider their name can be used as a reference you won’t piss anyone off
  • The last thing you need when you are touring is an annoyed person with a bee in their bonnet!

Safety should always be a priority over earnings

If you feel unsafe, get out of there!
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