Guest Blog for Sarahs2cents

Guest Blog for Sarahs 2 Cents

I often receive emails from new directories asking me to write posts about them and promote them for free (no thanks lol) but what I would truly love to receive is more guest blogs as I love receiving guest posts!

Guest blogs give me the opportunity to posts on subjects I have not thought about writing and subjects I have no knowledge in. It’s great to be able to promote information on topics I do not understand and also share different perspectives to mine.

I know that readers enjoy a varied point of view. Plus, it takes me a lot of time to finish a post as I am not a wordy person, I prefer data & stats to writing lol

I particuarly love promoting sexwork related businesses that are unique and have been created and are owned by current or former sexworkers. If thats you, please do get in touch as I would love to hear form you

What is a Guest Blog?

A guest blog is a piece of content an author gives to a blog owner to publish on the blog owners site for free. The blog owner will accept or reject the contribution as they see fit. The concept is straightforward:

  • Author writes an article, sends it to
  • I decide if the article fits the blog. If yes, I publish the post in the guest blog category & another suitable category (if you want changes made to your guest these can be sent via email)
  • I promote the blog via my email list and social media and provides links back to the author

What are the benefits of submitting a Guest Blog?

In a nutshell is a great way promote yourself & your brand to a wider audience. Sarah2cents provides dofollow backlinks to our authors, links from authorative site such as is helpful for your SEO

Comments in blogs are nofollow so they do no pass your site link equity, so do not have the same SEO benefits for you as a guest blog post

With guest blog posts you can convey a different message to your regular business website. I personally write very differently for my business blog on Atlantic Digital than I do for Sarah2cents. Atlantic is my digital agency but on Sarah2cents I show feel free to more personality and have a rant if I fancy it lol I also cover topics of a more personal nature

How to submit a guest blog

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please email your guest blog using these guidelines:

  • The content must be industry related and stays on the topic
  • The content should deliver clear and accurate information
  • The content needs to have a purpose and be interesting to others
  • Advertising your products is fine but the product needs be quality. No new directories please unless it’s a super cool & unique idea
  • The content needs to be grammatically correct & error free
  • The content must be 100% original. I check all content for plaigarism & uniqueness
  • Please provide a couple of images, they must be owned by you or include image credits to the owner of the images.
  • The word length of the post should be minimum 1000 words
  • Please include any external links for your guest post; for example, your website, social media and anything else you would like to link to
  • Nothing defamatory, illegal or that outs a sexworker, or former sexworker’s identity
Sarahs Signature for Escort Blogs

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