Escort Industry

Timewasters are annoying no matter who they are!

Timewasters Timewaster is the phrase used regularly in the Escort Industry.  A ‘waster of your time’; someone who makes contact yet has little or no interest in paying the fee that your charge for your time Generally timewasters are the name we give dudes posing as prospective clients.  They ask forRead More →

Asia Escort Tours

I have been blogging on New Directories and Escort Advertising for the past few months.  I have written how most sites are a bit pointless so I created an advertising blog for Asia Escort Tours named What a Hypocrite lol  The site may become an Escort directory or maybe anRead More →

Closing Agency Atlantic

This is a blog I found in my Blog folder that I was never going to post. I wrote it when I was having a particularly tough week but it’s pretty darn accurate about the reasons why I am closing Agency Atlantic Escort Agency. Now I have set a closingRead More →

Sexwork Labels

Sexworker Labels Since I have been in Australian I have heard of so many sexworker labels In London we were all escorts; varying prices, services, locations etc but we were all Escorts.   If you were £90 or £900 for an hour, you are an escort.  Offering incalls or outcalls, still anRead More →

The Escort Community

I rarely look at Twitter these days but when I do there is always someone with a bee in their bonnet and there is always lots of fighting The escort industry has progressed in many ways but in some ways I feel we are going backwards Having been in thisRead More →

Escort Reviews an Annoying Part of Life

I don’t think anybody in business particularly likes reviews I didn’t particularly like reviews as an escort, I don’t love them as an agency but the scariest reviews in my life were when I owned a cafe Random internet people review a $4 coffee in such great detail, people canRead More →

2017 was not the kindest year

2017. What a year you were. I am so happy you are over but you taught me so much and I am starting 2018 in a very different mindset than I started 2017 February 2017 we returned to Sydney, I was sad to be leaving our happy life in AsiaRead More →

Australian Escort Marketing

Australian Escort Marketing On Twitter yesterday a UK based escort posted an email she had received from a Sydney based private offering escort tours to Australia. Australian Escort Marketing is a bit of a mess and a lot of smoke and mirrors There was mention of it being an agency,Read More →

Escort Industry Stigma

Escort Industry Stigma On twitter you often see someone complaining about escort stigma One standout tweet for me was from a blurred face girl charging $600 per hour complaining how hard it is being a stigmatised sexworker Stigma doesn’t affect just sex workers, it affects many people in society forRead More →

Escort Agency Devil

Running an escort agency Running an agency is so much harder than assumed! Last Tuesday night, I saw on Twitter that an agency was slammed by escorts for tweeting that a girl they had worked with was a thief.   Maybe they shouldn’t haven’t called her a thieving c**t but isn’tRead More →

Running an escort agency is sooo tiring

FRIDAY September 22 Today Bec isn’t working and I am the receptionist 10am until 1am 8.36amI turn on the agency phone and my Sarah phone and reply to whatsapp messages from bed. Flick thru our twitter accounts My hands are really hurting today.  I have RSI due to so manyRead More →

Be Kind - Sarah's 2 cents blog

Please Be Kind As much as I love my job, sometimes I struggle to get out of bed; I want to hide from the world; I want to close the business that I am proud of and I have worked on every day for 15 years. My job isn’t aboutRead More →

Private Escort or Agency Escort – Who cares as long as it’s honest?  Part 2 We opened our Sydney office in Australia in 2012 with no knowledge of the local market other than being told by ladies and gents that our services would be a great addition to the AustralianRead More →

Agency Escort or Independent Escort – Who cares as long as it’s honest? When we started Agency Atlantic in London in 2002 there was a few online agencies in London (maybe 10 or so) and a few places for us to advertise.  There was a couple of independent escorts withRead More →

Escort Rates

“Your Escort Rates should be higher” On every single tour one of our ladies will hear this at least once but often several times Gents who say this mean it as a compliment but this unsolicited business advice can cause issues so why not rather than give advice give theRead More →

Forced To Choose… Yesterday I said goodbye to a girl I am quite fond of; it hurt and it made me sad I did not want to do this but I had no choice due to strong arm tactics by an Australian advertising site.  They laid down the law &Read More →

Escort Gossip seems to be never ending

We are all bombarded daily with information.  In the escort industry, we are bombarded regularly with Escort Gossip 🙁 With escort business details being available publicly, anyone with internet access or a phone can make contact directly Whether it’s via social media, forums, chatrooms, emails, phone calls or over aRead More →

Escort Rumours… So many of them; day after day what is fact what is fiction?  Often we will never learn the truth! I am a big believer in dignified silence. I find so many things don’t require a ‘rise’ and saying nothing is the most elegant and business savvy thingRead More →