We are all bombarded daily with information.  In the escort industry, we are bombarded regularly with Escort Gossip ๐Ÿ™

With escort business details being available publicly, anyone with internet access or a phone can make contact directly

Whether itโ€™s via social media, forums, chatrooms, emails, phone calls or over a coffee with someone you met on a booking; Escort Industry information is passed around, often changed and reworded to sound more salacious

Sometimes the information shared is helpful, but more often than not itโ€™s destructive

Escorting is supposed to be a discrete industry, but some ladies & gents just canโ€™t seem to keep their mouths shut

With the help of various media (twitter seems to be a favourite), a slanderous rumour can gain momentum pretty quickly

Lets not forget fake social media accounts and emails from random strangers who provide information & proof they have fabricated for whatever lie they are spreading around this week

A bad day or a bad booking you can forget over a glass or wine & a whinge but rumours, gossip and lies can make you feel like your life is over

When you hear information about someone do you ever consider WHY someone is sharing such a juicy titbit with you?

Who does it help?  Who does it harm?  What benefit does it have for the sharer?

Do you ever consider maybe slandering Lady โ€œZโ€ helps Lady โ€œAโ€ eliminate some of her competition?

Or lady โ€œMโ€  is jealous of Lady โ€œAโ€ because they are former friends & Lady โ€œMโ€ hates to see Lady โ€œSโ€ doing well and happy in life

Slandering Client โ€œJโ€ to other ladies helps Lady โ€œMโ€ keep client โ€œJโ€ as her long term regular

Client โ€œDโ€ could be slandering a lady or an agency because he has been banned from making a booking due to his poor behaviour

There is a wonderful saying that rings true:

Escort Rumours are always going around

I hear so many untrue things; Some are so way off the mark I wonder why anyone would think they are true

About a month ago I was slandered publicly saying that I was threatening ladies via email – Nope – I really couldnโ€™t be bothered to do that, it seems a bit of a pointless waste of time.

What others are doing doesnโ€™t really affect me personally or my job or the work we do for the ladies that Atlantic represents

Recently one of the ladies we represent has been the target of bullying.  She is very slim; always has been but has lost weight due to some diet and fitness changes.  A hateful woman has been sending out emails that she is sick and her slender frame is due to her being ill.  I know her quite well personally, she is happy & healthy.  I have seen her health certificates and her weight is not related to any illness

A few days ago I was told that a rumour is going around that a well-known Australian private is transgender, which i find remarkable as my former friend was at the birth her child

A couple of weeks ago I was told that apparently I am a partner in a directory – I have no desire whatsoever or to run a directory. If that changes in the future I will openly tell everyone about my directory

rumours ignorance.jpg

Thatโ€™s just a few examples of the absolute hogwash that we have heard; plenty more gossip & rumours running around, way too many to list on this blog

Rumours and Reality and often very different

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