Escort Brand Guest Post

Why is building an escort brand so darn important?

That is a really valid question with a rather long-winded explanation.

Your escort business no longer competes within its own industry niche for the attention of new and existing customers.

There are so many dazzling options and experiences both inside and outside the escort industry, that can easily steal the glance from your potential customers. Losing this gaze can cost you dearly in long game of successful business.

Today, we live in a world where even the milk bar on our corner is now competing, on some varying level, with every other business online that we can be accessed by hand on a smartphone.

That is to say, they are still competing if they are still open at all

Not so long ago, the internet was not as easily accessible as it is today. We had to access it via a bulky computer, a dial-up modem and painfully long wait and loud dial up tonne.

Thats right kids, watching porn in the down low was virtually impossible

Now everything is instant on our phones

This technological advancement encourages the increasing demand to buy and sell instantaneously from any location in the world. Consumers and businesses alike are creating and gobbling down unparalleled amounts of information of data each day .

If consumerism was a carb, we would be extremely obese or extinct.

Every second of every day you are in communication with all kinds of businesses and personal brands. I think we tend to forget life without this one huge world of advertisement swarming around us each second.

As a consumer, you and everyone else has become accustomed to this advert delicacy, and with that also comes what you have been accustom to when looking for a worthy business to spend your money on. You look for and are drawn to trustworthy and recognisable brands.

The successful brands are the ones who can stay ahead of the pack or follow the trends, sticking just far enough out of water that stand out above the rest.

It takes time and effort, coupled with a varied skill-set to make your escort brand stand out

Creating, maintaining and communicating a professional and polished brand is incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

Any small business regardless of industry is going to sink into the abyss if they don’t pick up the professional pace and grab some floaties real soon.

The Ice Cream Analogy

Imagine your business was selling ice cream for $3 per item, not long ago when you were competing only in a marketplace that was mostly localised. In this scenario, your immediate competitor would be the next ice cream in the shop also priced at $3. Their brand might invest in a a rocking radio advert and adorn their packaging with a bright stripe.

The other competing ice creams also in your danger zone would be those who are visually placed within direct reach or opposition to your stock in the milky bar fridge.

Escort Brand - Guest Blog by Vivienne Black

This is called Visual Merchandising

The modern day equivalent to this is your adverts; your online footprint and the social media presence of your Escort brand

From humble fridge beginnings over time, for a variety of reasons and too many to adapt to this analogy; your market space started to receive a greater variety of ice creams, all with bright packaging. More competing visually and more with wiz — bang radio and TV commercials than you can keep up with.

Like a sugar infestation, your competitors multiplied rapidly in numbers, frequenting more and more of your fridge space and impacting your ability to sell your icecream stock.

This wasn’t just the case in your local milky bar, this is happening everywhere, no matter which location or city you travelled too sell your darn amazing creams.

Fast forward to 2018 and now it is no longer ice cream at all that you compete with to sell your wares – It is any experience a consumer can have for around the $3 mark. Any experience they desire at all, as they can get it with the press of a button on their handy mobile phones.

You have to remember, people never eat ice cream because they are hungry, they purchase it for more personal endeavours. Ice cream is a reward, to be enjoyed or to evoke a feeling.

Perhaps to restore a memory of something once had in retrospect or even in some cases the experience is with intent to be cathartic in nature.

Either way, it is an experience that is desired all the same; and around the world there millions and millions of different types of experiences that our consumer market can now access and enjoy – as opposed to the same local Ice cream.

So why is building an escort brand important?

No matter how tasty you think you are it will become apparent in time, that creating a consistent and striking brand is a necessity to your survival of the next business phase coming our way.

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