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How do Escort Clients Search for Escorts?

What are Escort clients looking for? How are Escort clients looking? What makes an Escort client click a link in google? What makes them leave your website before your website loads? These days its hard to get noticed as there is just so many escorts available.  Your online strategy and EscortRead More →

Escort Brand - Finding your Escort Niche

We hear a lot about Escort Brand these days in the industry but nobody really answers the questions: What is an Escort Brand?  Why do I need an Escort Brand?  What the hell is an Escort Niche? I already have Twitter and a SB ad isn’t that all I need? Read More →

International Escort Touring Tips

In the past year or so a high percentage of Australian escorts seem to have become an ‘International Escort’.  You regularly see 20+ girls a month listed as going to Hong Kong & Singapore via an Australian Escort Directory.  Occasionally escorts list as going further afield to Paris, London orRead More →

Escort Brands Guest Blog by Vivienne Black

WHY IS BUILDING AN ESCORT BRAND SO DARN IMPORTANT? That is a really valid question with a rather long-winded explanation. Your escort business no longer competes within its own industry niche for the attention of new and existing customers. There are so many dazzling options and experiences both inside andRead More →

Australian Escort Photography Copyright

The answer in a nutshell The photographer owns your escort photos It’s assumed that when you pay for photos that you own the photos, but this is not the case The copyright to the photos remains with the photographer This means that you cannot reproduce the photograph in any meansRead More →

Questions to Ask an Escort Agency During an interview

If you are considering Escort Agency Representation please read my Escort Agency Advice on how to choose an agency & questions to ask at your interview Being an independent escort can be challenging so many ladies opt to be represented by an Escort Agency However, not all agencies are whatRead More →