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In this post I share how I created Sarah2cents to illustrate that you can create an awesome Escort Website for yourself just as I have

I want to show it’s possible to have a website you full control over, you own it & nobody can take it away.

It doesn’t matter if an advertising site disappears or you are shadowbanned on Twitter; with your own Escort website you can always be found on Google!

You Escort Website is not an extra Advertisement

My blogs on Escort Advertising, Escort marketing, SEO and websites all give additional information on how to increase your brand visibility which will also increase your bank balance

I recommend WordPress to all adult businesses because it is Open Source. In a nutshell that means nobody owns wordpress so nobody can take your wordpress site away from you.

WordPress is also very flexible which gives a lot of freedom to create your vision.  Whether you are an Independent escort, Escort Agency or Escort Directory/Marketing platform

WordPress is the choice of many escort website developers, designers and creators. You can do complex builds with the wordpress platform but you can also use it for easy things too 🙂

Create an Escort Website in WordPress

You can learn wordpress with youtube tutorials

WP Crafter is pretty good but there is 1000’s of tutorials to choose from. You may get frustrated and maybe even shed a tear or 2 while you are leaning but it will be worth it in the end.

Whilst many escorts go for cheap Escort Websites Creators that make things easy or they DIY with Squarespace or Wix. I personally wouldn’t like my website and brand to be controlled by someone else

Squarespace and Wix are easy to use (drop & drag) but they have limitations; One of the limitations I don’t like is that you must use their hosting.  I prefer to have control over my brands & work. I have heard of webites totally disappearing on various SAAS platforms post SESTA/FOSTA

The first time I show a client the backend of their website they are ‘OMG’ but with a little training and little time, the site becomes second nature. It is just as easy to update & change as you would an ad on a directory just a lote more flexible.

My Escort Hosting recommendation is great value at around $7aud a month including security. It is safe for Escort Websites, fast & secure and in my opinion its the best on the market, Many website developers and website owners think the same.

Create an Escort Website 1

SEO is my passion and is of high importance to me. Hosting speed and quality are 2 of the mysterious 200+ things that google looks at when they decide where to rank a webpage

Best practises for SEO are also best practises for people. Search Engines like google want to provide the best possible User Experience for searchers and rank great UX higher than hard to follow sites.

I have listed what I use so if you want to copy my build you can. You can also use a site like to find out what my site is built with but this blog I will explain why I use the tools, plugins & services that I do.  

SESTA/FOSTA Proof Self-Hosted Website

Sarahs2cents is created using WordPress on siteground (I have writen a blog teaching you how to sign up) WordPress is the best publishing platform & hosting is basically a big computer where your website lives. You want your site to live in the best place possible, thats why hosting choice is important. For Escort Websites you want a solution that is SESTA/FOSTA proof too

For SEO hosting speed and security are important.  You may be able to save $1 a month with cheaper hosting but that saving may cost you dearly on speed which affects google ranking.

When you sign up for Siteground Hosting there is plenty of documentation & videos + they have great customer care. There is even a free starter kit.

It may seem daunting to have your own WordPress site but trust me, it’s worth it

WordPress Theme

I am using the latest version of PHP (7.3) WordPress version 5.2 and my theme is OceanWP ($39 a year). Its a lightweight theme with a huge amount of functionality and quality coding (important for SEO)

I don’t use Elementor on this site but I do use it for clients sites, it is my favourite page builder by far so it’s worth mentioning if you are doing your own site

Divi by Elegant themes is very popular as are Themify themes. Creative Market has pretty girly themes, lovely fonts and more

I do not recommend Themes from Theme Forest/Envato as many are not quality themes even tho many are pretty. For SEO the quality of the code & site performance are of primary imporance which I why I recommend Ocean WP

WordPress Plugins

  • WP Rocket – IMHO the best caching plugin on the market and includes Imagify which is excellent for image optimisation and it has a generous free allowance
  • Yoast SEO Plugin – The most popular SEO plugin. Yoast have excellent tutorials and courses too. Will Yoast shoot your site to page 1 for all the keywords you want? No but it handles a lot of things for you need for SEO such as XML sitemap, Meta data etc.
  • WP Forms – easty to use, lightweight, drop & drag form builder. Better than Contact 7 which can create bloat & lower your site performance
  • Akismet Anti-Spam the best plugin to combat spam
  • Loginizer helps you fight against bruteforce attack by blocking login for the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed
  • SG Optimizer – A free plugin this comes with my hosting, works well with WProcket
  • Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram – Automatically posts to all email subscribers when I add a new post
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) – An easy plugin to attach Google Analytics to your site

In these Sesta/fosta painful times, having your own website is the only way to be assured of having an escort brand that you can keep long term. Escort Directories are disappearing and social media is do their best to keep sexworkers either off their platforms or hidden

There is no time like the present to create an Escort Website

With a great website and brand strategy you will see your Escort Business thrive

Escort Web Development Services

If you are wanting a website that is more than an advertisement and ranks on search engines so you can get organic traffic it can be beneficial to pay a professional. The performance of a website is crucial in ranking your site, the learning curve of doing a grest site yourself can be quite steep and take up a lot of your time

If you need help setting up your Escort Website Atlantic Digital can help with all your Escort Brand, Website and SEO needs. Our basic Indendent Escort Websites (such as start at $500aud + GST A fuller and more complete site such as costs a little more as it takes more time

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