Agency Escort or Independent Escort – Who cares as long as it’s honest?

When we started Agency Atlantic in London in 2002 there was a few online agencies in London (maybe 10 or so) and a few places for us to advertise.  There was a couple of independent escorts with websites but not many

We advertised on the Internet as well as print media; places like Big Colour Pages & the Herald Tribune Newspaper

Online there were bulletin boards (similar to backpage), Top 100 sites, Captain69, Punternet and a few other sites that are not longer around

Back then just like now, escorts were identified as either an Independent Escort or Agency Escort

Independent Escorts were the ladies who answer their own calls, do their own marketing, emails and make all their own arrangements.  Most Independent Escorts have their own website too

Agency Escorts choose to work with an agency rather than go it alone (If you are considering working with an agency please read my guide)

In some cases Independent Escorts will choose to work with an agency as well as do their own Independent work

An escort agency is similar to other types of agencies (acting, modeling, literary, sports). They usually have a client base, website, admin/support staff and industry experience

The terms of an agency agreement are different with each agency and sometimes even different for different ladies within the same agency

Some Agencies are friendly, professionally run businesses (like Atlantic), some are draconian, some are owned by pimpy type dudes, some have a criminal element and some are owned & run by absolute f9cking narcissistic lunatics

The one thing that all agencies have in common is that the escorts on the books of the agency don’t have to answer calls, emails, pay for ads or deal with the untold number of timewasters that can occur when you are an independent

Prior to Atlantic when I was an escort I had my own independent site and I also worked with an agency

If I wasn’t able to answer my calls or my emails it didn’t matter as my agency was.  They were answering calls 10am til 1am so when I was working or sleeping or taking a holiday, they were making arrangements so I didn’t lose out on bookings and financially it just made sense

Sure they took a fee but without them I would never had the booking at all

I used the same name and photos for both independent and agency. has a very useful alias link for clients so my website and agency were linked.   I found that gents never cared whether they booked me thru the agency or with me directly as long a I showed up as arranged

Some preferred to speak to me directly but 80% could not have cared less. Many booked thru my agency the first time and subsequent meetings directly with me.  They liked the security of booking with an agency so if something went wrong there was someone to go back to, complain and hopefully get compensation

In around 2006 one of my favourite advertising sites started in London; now there is over 10,000 escorts listed; Independent escorts and agency escorts co-exist on (LEG) Ladies can be are listed on LEG under their agency as well as on their independent page

Some of the Atlantic ladies are listed on LEG as independents as well as listed with us and some Atlantic ladies are on other agencies as well as Independent and Atlantic.  We don’t mind  We like an open & honest working relationship.  We understand that ladies are in this industry to earn so we don’t enforce rules to stop them maximising their earnings

Atlantic has been arranging International Tours since 2004 and we found most countries have the same classifications; independent and agency

That was until we got to Australia…


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