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Hi.  My name is Sarah

I have been in the Escort Industry since 2000, prior to escorting I was in IT as an analyst programmer primarily in Banking & Finance.  I started my IT career in Web which has been very handy for me running a Digital Escort Agency 

I am a retired International Escort and the founder of Agency Atlantic Escort Agency (now closed).  Atlantic Companions as we were originally named started in 2002 and became one of the worlds first international touring agencies.  

Whilst I think we were the first but I am not 100% sure and I don’t want to make a false claim 

I think I may been one of the the worlds first online International Touring Independent escorts too but it was so long ago…

I remember being told ‘wow you are brave coming to Dubai on your own, we never get escorts visiting here but you can meet ladies at Cyclone’

My oh my how things have changed!

There has to be a dozen or more advertising site options for Dubai and a few thousand escorts visiting Dubai each year.  If you are interesting in International Touring please take a read of my International Touring Tips

Agency Atlantic was a Digital Escort Agency & Brand since the day we started almost 2 decades ago. 

All admin staff and all escorts worked remotely.  We have never an in house premise where girls waited or were expected to turn up for shifts.  We have always relied on web tools & technology to keep of track of everything. 

My blogs are written about things that happen during my day, things that are bugging me, answers to questions I am repeatedly asked or the truth to rumours that I want to dispel.

I find a lot of subject matter on Twitter and lately I have been doing a lot on Escort Advertising.  Since the closure of Backpage & Cracker and various other escort directories and classified sites it’s been so hard for everyone in the industry

These blogs are my personal opinion and I add in some well researched facts. I write in the hope of teaching something new and helping escorts understand some concepts that are not really covered publicly on the internet

I always write for an International Audience even tho of late a lot is Australia related as I am currently based in Australia

I closed my escort agency, Agency Atlantic on October 30, 2018 and have rebranded my website as a Digital Agency and PA Service for the Escort Industry.  Its the same work I have always loved doing, am very experienced in and have been doing most of my adult life.

Just now it’s got a different name as being an Escort Agency in Australia means I have copped too much hate because I don’t think anyone really knows what my job is lol

I read a lot of Tech blogs, SEO blogs & escort blogs  — At the moment my own blogs are coupling these topics I enjoy & in which I have many years experience — SW almost 20 years — IT/Tech nearing 30 years — SEO 7 years

Prior to being Sarah,  I was an analyst/programmer primarily in Banking, I also did my ‘trainer the trainer’ course & I taught IT courses at TAFE & various colleges across Sydney.  Yes I am a bit of a nerd, I love tech and data; Statistics make me happy 🙂

My blogs are not written with the purpose of upsetting anyone nor is my advice definitive or me thinking I am some great expert.  Its just me writing how I see things.  As the saying goes ‘opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one’

I hope you enjoy reading

Sarah xoxo

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