Escort Website Hosting

Escort Website Hosting I have recently moved all my Escort Website Hosting to Siteground, a Bulgarian based company that is recommended by WordPress. I must say I can’t be happier!  Not only do they allow adult and escort websites, it’s blazing fast with excellent features & great customer service! IfRead More →

Escort Website a must have for Independent Escorts

Every business these days has a website.  If you are an Independent Escort you are a business so its important to show you are a legitimate business and are also that you are truly Independent.   The best way to do that is with your own Escort Website and Escort BrandRead More →

How do Escort Clients Search for Escorts?

What are Escort clients looking for? How are Escort clients looking? What makes an Escort client click a link in google? What makes them leave your website before your website loads? These days its hard to get noticed as there is just so many escorts available.  Your online strategy and EscortRead More →

Escort Brand - Finding your Escort Niche

We hear a lot about Escort Brand these days in the industry but nobody really answers the questions: What is an Escort Brand?  Why do I need an Escort Brand?  What the hell is an Escort Niche? I already have Twitter and a SB ad isn’t that all I need? Read More →

Free Escort Ads

Where can I find free Escort Ads?  Why are escort ads so damn expensive?  How can I be found on the internet in the sea of so many sites and so many escorts? Why does everyone keep mentioning SEO? These are common questions being asked a lot over the past fewRead More →

Timewasters are annoying no matter who they are!

Timewasters Timewaster is the phrase used regularly in the Escort Industry.  A ‘waster of your time’; someone who makes contact yet has little or no interest in paying the fee that your charge for your time Generally timewasters are the name we give dudes posing as prospective clients.  They ask forRead More →

International Escort Touring Tips

In the past year or so a high percentage of Australian escorts seem to have become an ‘International Escort’.  You regularly see 20+ girls a month listed as going to Hong Kong & Singapore via an Australian Escort Directory.  Occasionally escorts list as going further afield to Paris, London orRead More →

Asia Escort Tours

I have been blogging on New Directories and Escort Advertising for the past few months.  I have written how most sites are a bit pointless so I created an advertising blog for Asia Escort Tours named What a Hypocrite lol  The site may become an Escort directory or maybe anRead More →

Closing Agency Atlantic

This is a blog I found in my Blog folder that I was never going to post. I wrote it when I was having a particularly tough week but it’s pretty darn accurate about the reasons why I am closing Agency Atlantic Escort Agency. Now I have set a closingRead More → Escort Directory

What a pleasure it is to be asked to write a guest blog for Sarahs2cents Blog introducing my new International Escort directory Luxury Companions.  Thank you, Sarah, and I hope your readers enjoy my blog. Rene xoxo What is it? Who is behind it? What are the benefits? Luxury CompanionsRead More →

Escort Brands Guest Blog by Vivienne Black

WHY IS BUILDING AN ESCORT BRAND SO DARN IMPORTANT? That is a really valid question with a rather long-winded explanation. Your escort business no longer competes within its own industry niche for the attention of new and existing customers. There are so many dazzling options and experiences both inside andRead More →

What does an Escort Advertising Site do?

As I have been writing quite a bit on Escort Ad sites I have been receiving emails and messages with questions like: Where is best to advertise? Which site has the best clients? As I do a lot of International Tours I am also asked Which city is the busiestRead More →

Escort Safety Guest Blog Post

I am lucky to live in Sydney, Australia where sex work is decriminalised.  In most states in Australia Sex Workers are able to go to the Police and report crimes.  Escort Safety procedures vary between escorts; everyone has different screening and comfort levels and it’s not really a life threatening issueRead More →

Backpage Replacement Websites

Finally the daily SMS & WhatsApp spam has slowed down from all the sites saying they are the backpage replacement. On social media and forums it still continues with many sites promoting that they are the new Backpage or someone asking about site XYZ (which looks like Backpage) I amRead More →

SEO Rankings for Escort Sydney

Google Position for Sydney Escort Since the closure of Backpage and other escort advertising sites we have all been scratching our heads to know which sites are the ones we should sign up for as there is so many options and you can easily spend thousands of dollars a monthRead More →

New Escort Directories

New Escort directories are popping up everywhere! This blog isn’t to slander new escort directories but to share information that is factual rather than promotional. It is not directed at anyone in particular just new escort directories in general With the closure of backpage early April there has been soRead More →

Escort Advertising after backpage

In the past 24hrs many escort advertising sites have disappeared. Since this article was posted i have written many more on Escort Advertising and also created my own asia site a free site for escort touring South East Asia Its been very stressful for us all but it’s notRead More →

Sexwork Labels

Sexworker Labels Since I have been in Australian I have heard of so many sexworker labels In London we were all escorts; varying prices, services, locations etc but we were all Escorts.   If you were £90 or £900 for an hour, you are an escort.  Offering incalls or outcalls, still anRead More →